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Crowns And Fillings

Cosmetic fillings

To have more like natural teeth, existing metal fillings could be replaced with tooth coloured fillings. Evidence says these filling materials have got reasonable longevity and prevents any metal gleam when you smile. Our expert clinicians will discuss with you all possible options after a thorough examination.

Our dentists at Rosebrough Dental Practice always recommend minimally invasive procedures first which could only be done when teeth with decay have been identified early. 

However, in some cases the amount of tooth structure doesn’t not support a filling material we might need to consider the following to gain additional strength to tooth or teeth 

  • Partial coverage of tooth by inlays or onlays (made of either metal, porcelain or zirconium)

  • Full coverage (made of metal, porcelain or zirconium)

To discuss in detail about various options please contact our team on  0191 266 2095 or Contact Us

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