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Excessive Sweating treatment

Close-up of female wearing shirt showing

Are you worried of

  1. Underarm damp patches?

  2. Embarrassed about smelling when you are in groups?

  3. Be confident again to socialise more comfortably?

  4. Looking for an simple, cost effective and less painful treatment option?


This treatment is performed by a highly qualified and experienced medical practitioner.

For this condition deodorants might not be a simple solution. Thanks to Botox for an alternative.


What can I expect during the treatment?
Surface anaesthetic gel or anaesthetic injections are used before the treatment to numb the area which might last for 30 min to an hour.
Treatment might last up to 30 min to 40 min depending upon the procedure

What can expect after the procedure?
Very mild bruising at the injection sites which will disappear in 2-3 days but varies from person to person
The needles we use for injection are thinner than acupuncture needles.

Book an appointment for a free consultation or contact our team on  0191 266 2095

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