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Implants FAQs

Why should I consider this?

If you are suffering from loose dentures or if you are losing teeth and wish to have a fixed set of teeth, then this could be the best option for you.  


This is not the only implant option but can be the optimum treatment if you want to have treatment completed in a single day without the need for further lengthy appointments with multiple steps. It also works very well in low bone availability (subject to careful examination).

Is it right for me?

We undergo a thorough consultation process that involves understanding your needs, lifestyle, and ability to maintain the treatment before we proceed. Sometimes, other implant-based options (such as dentures on implants) are better and sometimes implants are not the right thing for you.

What if I have a medical problem?

Most medical conditions do not prevent us from providing dental implants to patients. In fact, sometimes the benefit of being able to eat and speak normally contributes positively to a person’s health.


However, there are some medical conditions that must be carefully managed when providing treatment and some situations where dental implants are not possible.

Certain medications are taken for conditions such as osteoporosis or in cancer treatment raise the risk of complications from implant treatment or any form of oral surgery.

Diabetes when uncontrolled is another potential risk factor. Well-controlled diabetes does not normally prevent patients from having successful implant dentistry.

Do I have to see a hygienist?

You must be periodontally fit before, during and after the treatment. This means that we have to make sure you have no gum disease or, if you do suffer from gum disease, it must be well controlled with no bleeding or pocketing in your gums. You also have to commit to a long-term hygiene or periodontist plan.


We prefer that you do this with us so that we can look after you for the long-term. However, if you live far away or prefer to see your regular dentist or hygienist, we will communicate with them to make sure that your implant treatment is monitored.


Please note that if you don’t maintain a good level of oral hygiene, free from periodontal disease this could lead to loss of your guarantee. Other factors such as smoking and other medical issues are covered by our guarantee information.

Am I too old?

Age is not a contra-indication to implant surgery and dentistry. However, when we meet with you we take into consideration your lifestyle and life circumstances and advise you on the best option that will take you through to later life. There are a few medical conditions that require special attention.

Does it work for everybody?

Implants have an extremely high success rate. Some patients need special care and attention and there are a few patients for whom other options are better.

Does it hurt?

Pain is surprisingly low after treatment and usually well controlled with standard painkillers. This usually goes after 3-4 days. Some patients experience a higher level or longer period of pain and require stronger painkillers and more rest.


Swelling is usually controlled with medications, but again, some patients experience swelling which lasts for about 1-2 weeks.

How soon can I eat?

Immediately. We want you to eat so that you have adequate nutrition for the healing process. We will give you a printed sheet containing soft food suggestions.

Are there any hidden extras?

All potential costs will be presented clearly and transparently in a written treatment plan. If you have any queries prior to the beginning of treatment, we will be happy to clarify. In most cases, we are able to reduce the final fee compared to the treatment plan.

Are there any possible complications? What could go wrong?

In all medical or dental treatment, there are potential risks and complications. We present the possibilities to our patients clearly. Naturally, we take every precaution to reduce the chances of problems to a bare minimum, by careful planning and excellent implementation.


During your consultation, we explain the specific risks and complications related to your specific situation. We also have a general information page on this website.  Please see….

Any alternatives?

In the consultation process, it is our ethical duty and legal responsibility to provide you with a full list of the possible alternatives for you to consider.

How can I finance this?

If you’re credit-worthy (the normal checks are done), the treatment fee can be spread over 12-60 months from interest rated ranging from 0% to approximately 9%. This will be explained in detail if you wish to consider this option. The cost could be as low as the price of a cup of coffee a day.

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