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Non-surgical face lift

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Are you

  1. Tired of seeing wrinkles on your face?

  2. Concerned about loss of tight skin and saggy appearance?

  3. Looking to regain fullness to your face with enhanced skin texture?

Then consider non-surgical face lift at Rosebrough Dental Practice.


With age, there might be loss in facial fullness. Especially in the mid-face areas such as

  • Cheeks

  • Under the eyes

  • Above the chin and below the bottom lip

  • Lower jaw line

  • Corners of the mouth and surrounding areas

  • Corners of the nose

At Rosebrough Dental Practice all the procedures are performed by a registered medical practitioner who got ample experience in general medicine and facial aesthetics.

We use premium brands only for better results and to minimise any complications

We assure you that you are in safe hands


Fee: from £1500

Book an appointment for a free consultation or contact our team on  0191 266 2095

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