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Teeth Whitening

Habits such as tea/coffee, red wine and other various food substances discolour teeth
progressively. We assess your teeth and discuss with you various options available for this teeth whitening procedure.

We are offering two types of teeth whitening systems.

Regular: £370
We take impressions of your upper and lower teeth to make trays that snugly fit onto your teeth. Depending upon your preference you can have this procedure done either day or night.

You need to use the whitening gels to get your desired shade of teeth. You may or may not experience some teeth sensitivity during this procedure.

Premium/Englighten Smiles: £595
This is our premium brand teeth whitening system. This system involves a combination of procedures that involve your dentist performing some procedures in the surgery along with using the teeth whitening gels by yourself at home. This system offers less teeth sensitivity compared to the other system and you can expect a B1 shade which is very popular. 

Both these systems require topping up of the gels (you only pay for gels) in future in case if you notice the teeth are getting darker.

You achieve optimal results when your teeth and gums are free of debris.

Why not see our friendly hygienist who will take care of your gum health?

At Rosebrough Dental Practice in Benton, we offer teeth whitening. If you are unhappy about your smile, please contact our team on  0191 266 2095 or Contact Us

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