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Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene sessions
At Rosebrough Dental Practice, we give utmost importance to prevention. Just like how a strong foundation is necessary for longevity of a house, healthy gums are very important for the longevity of our teeth. Also many studies have  established a relationship between gum problems and other health issues such as heart problems, premature births, etc. Furthermore patients with diabetes need to be more careful as the gums often tend to deteriorate more when compared to other conditions.

Our dental hygiene sessions are planned well, not just to clean and polish your gums but spending enough time with you to identify the areas where you might need to be more careful and monitor your oral hygiene.

Regular hygiene sessions
Include scaling, polishing and general stains using prophybrush. This also includes extensive oral hygiene advise by our experienced hygienists.

We also do microscans at a little extra cost which involves taking plaque samples and showing the bacteria or germs under the microscope. Many of our patients felt this is an eye opener and helped them to improve their oral hygiene significantly.

This allows to take off tough stains and you can appreciate the difference once the teeth surface stains are removed. 

If you are looking for teeth whitening please Click Here

Guide price
Regular dental hygiene sessions (upto 30 mins) : £45
Regular hygiene + Microscan + Airflow (upto 40 mins) : £60

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